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Wolverine: First Class Volume 2: To Russia With Love TP

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Written by FRED VAN LENTE Penciled by CLAYTON HENRY Cover by SALVADOR ESPIN 'TO ME, MY X-MEN! You must immediately pursue Wolverine into Canada! He has defected back to ALPHA FLIGHT...and taken Kitty Pryde with him!' Then, the SOVIET SUPER SOLDIERS have kidnapped Kitty's flame Colossus, and she and Wolverine must brave the dangers of Russia's irradiated Forbidden Zone to save him! Collecting WOLVERINE: FIRST CLASS #5-8 - plus learn how Kitty joined the X-Men in UNCANNY X-MEN #139-140 by classic creators Chris Claremont and John Byrne. 168 PGS./Rated A … $15.99


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