Comic Book Subscription Service

Setting up a comic book subscription list to get all your favorite new comics at 30% off the cover price with free bags & boards couldn't be easier than with Impulse Creations. Whether you pick up at our Tulsa store or have your books shipped, our low prices and the care we put into handling every order makes us the #1 comic subscription service on the planet!

To get started, just contact us with a list of titles you'd like to subscribe to including how many copies of each issue (we'll assume 1 copy unless you tell us otherwise). Additionally, we'll need your:

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Shipping Address
  4. Shipping Frequency (Store Pickup, Weekly, Every Two Weeks, Monthly, or On Request)
  5. Shipping Speed (Saver 4-7 days or Premium 2-4 days)

That's it.

Your subscriptions can start as soon as the following week.

Optionally, you can request starting issue numbers or issue number ranges when you only need certain issues but the above is all we need if you simply want to receive each new issue on an ongoing basis.

To assist you in choosing your subscriptions, you have full access to FREE online editions of Previews, DC Previews, Image Plus, and Marvel Previews with cover images, descriptions, and more for comics & collectibles headed your way in the coming months! 

The only exception is the most recent main Previews catalog which is not free until the next edition comes out but we have our own PDF edition available which lacks only ads & cover images but remains FREE!

It's important to note though that subscriptions are only for items which are released sequentially as part of a series and specific cover versions cannot be requested on a subscription. You will generally receive the regular, subscription, preorder, main, etc. cover but may receive any cover depending on availability. The exception to this rule are any comics that have a particular cover version for every issue. You can request that cover version on an ongoing basis but just can't subscribe to a different cover from issue to issue.

If you wish to order variants or otherwise specify any particular covers, you can always order from the pre-order section at the same discounted prices. Pre-ordering works the same as subscribing in that you request items in advance and have them reserved for you but it gives you an additional level of control for those with more specific needs.

All comics and magazines reserved or you through the subscription system receive a discount of 25% off the cover price. This excludes promotionally priced items of $1.00 or less which are priced at cover price. Trade paperbacks and graphic novels are priced at 20% off the cover price.

Non-comic items such as action figures, statues, etc. as well as one-shot comics and requests for specific cover versions of comics may be ordered in advance through our pre-order section. However, these preorders can still be added to your reserves at checkout to ship with your subscriptions to save on shipping costs.


There are three payment options for your convenience which all allow you to enjoy the same advance ordering discount: weekly billing via email, card on file for auto payments, and preordering on your schedule.

With weekly billing (the default option), you will receive an invoice via email each week when new releases are processed. This billing typically occurs on Wednesday of each week for items arriving the following week. The bill is payable within three days to keep items on reserve and all orders are processed in the order in which payment is received so orders which are paid shortly after the invoice is emailed will almost always be ready to ship on the day of release and are less likely to to be affected by temporary backorders if we receive items which are shorted or damaged.

If you have a card on file (download, fill out, and send in the credit card authorization form), your payment will be processed automatically and your orders will be among the first to be pulled and shipped.

You can also choose to preorder all your items. As mentioned above, preordering is the only way to select specific covers for comics but it can also be used to order all items in advance including regular covers and non-comic items. Preorder items are added to the system monthly so you can order just place a single monthly order with this option although you can always add additional orders later if you find other items that you're interested in. If payment is made at the time the preorder is placed then you will always be among the first to ship. Otherwise, your order will be processed in the order in which payment is received.

Orders you place yourself to ship with your subscriptions are payable at the time you place the order.

Keep in mind though that a payment must be received within three days of billing to keep your items on reserve. If no payment is received within that time then your hold is released. That doesn't mean you won't receive your items as the hold will be restored when your payment is made but there is a risk that some items may sell out while your hold is off and there are always other customers waiting to grab any particularly hot titles when holds are released.

Your first shipment of items that are being held for you will ship approximately 30 days following the first Wednesday after you sign up for this service (sooner if you select weekly or every two weeks shipping). Subsequent shipments will go out around the same time each month. You can also choose "On Request" as your shipping frequency to have orders held until you contact us to request a shipment. This option gives you total control so you can request a shipment when you reach a certain order size, when a certain item on your list is released, or at any other time that fits your needs.

The shipping cost to US addresses (excluding Alaska & Hawaii) is $6.50 for standard shipping and $8.50 for premium shipping per box. Just ask for the cost to other locations. A box can hold up to about 200 comics, 30-35 3.75" action figures, 10-15 6" action figures, etc.

Of course, if you're in the Tulsa area, you can always pick up any order with no shipping charge.

If you prefer to have more than one shipment each month just select a more frequent shipping option on your account profile. You can select up to weekly shipping but your shipping charge is per shipment and per box so less frequent shipping can save you money. This way, you decide whether getting your books as soon as possible or saving even more is the most important.

Subscription orders can remain on reserve indefinitely as long as you either have them shipped or place an order to add to your reserves at least once every six months. If more than six months pass with no account activity though, any items still on reserve will be returned to stock and any payments already made for those items will be credited back to your account less a 10% restocking fee.

Regardless of the address on file at the time a subscription order ships out, your subscriptions will ship to the address used for the latest order in that shipment. That means, you'll need to update your address before the final order in a shipment is generated if you move. If that's not possible, please notify us and we'll have to revise your address manually.

You're free to add and remove titles at any time from your subscription list so you have complete control over which issues you'll receive. Just contact us to request changes and we'll provide you with an updated copy of your list after the changes are made. Any changes you make though must be received no later than midnight on Monday of the WEEK BEFORE an item is due to be released. We begin pre-processing subscription orders in advance of release in order to guarantee availability and that locks in your current selections so changes affecting each week's new releases must be received by the deadline on the Monday one week before.

We can also only guarantee the availability of multiple copies of a single comic if it's added to your subscription list at least three weeks in advance of release. We'll do our best to fill multiple copy orders placed after that point and can usually do so but single copy customer orders will be filled first, followed by those who made their selections at least three weeks in advance with the remainder being allocated if we run short due to the publisher selling out before release. Books which arrive damaged or shorted will similarly be allocated until if and when we are able to receive replacements. This usually occurs within a week or two and will not affect most customers at all but there may be rare cases where we cannot get the full number of copies that we ordered.

If you decide to drop a title that you're no longer interested in you won't receive any further issues that haven't been published but you may receive earlier issues that were already received and reserved for you prior to the subscription change. Similarly, adding a new title will start with the next issue to be published (unless you specify a later issue number). If you need any recently published issues you can purchase them from our in-stock selection and choose to have them shipped with your subscriptions to save on shipping charges.

While you can make changes to upcoming items up until eight days before they're released, no items may be canceled once an order is generated or once you order it yourself to put it on reserve. Reserving items prevents other customers from purchasing them and requires us to purchase more when possible so please only reserve items that you're certain that you want. Under special circumstances we may allow an item to be canceled but a 10% restocking charge will apply to cover the payment processing fees and the labor costs associated with pulling items and then returning them to inventory.

In the event that you simply stop paying for your books without cancelling your service by the deadline of Monday at midnight one week before the release date, please keep in mind that we are still ordering those items for you since you have not informed us of your cancellation and you are still obligated to purchase them which becomes extremely costly for us if you choose not to do so. In such a circumstance, we will make every effort to reach you for payment before cancelling your account ourselves. If you refuse to respond then your account will have to be cancelled and any credit you may have from paid but unshipped items will be voided and applied toward our costs in maintaining your orders after your payments ceased. If you then wish to place a new order within 60 days of account cancellation, you may do so and have 50% of any credit balance applied toward the new order (merchandise only - shipping is excluded) but the remaining 50% will still be voided and no credit may be applied more than 60 days after account cancellation.

If you'd like to place an order for in-stock items and have those items ship with your next subscription order shipment, just select the "Add to Reserves" option as your shipping preference during checkout. Those items will then be added to your reserves and will not incur a separate shipping charge.

You can also select the payment option to charge orders you place yourself to your reserve account and a bill will be sent just as with regular reserve account orders.


We take customer service very seriously and handle every order with care but problems can still happen. If you receive a shipment or book that you did not order or consider damaged or are missing an item, please contact us within 7 days of receipt and tell us what's wrong. We cannot accept returns unless we have authorized them in advance.

Please remember that we guarantee that your comics will be in new condition. All pre-ordered comics will appear on your invoice as "Near Mint" for inventory purposes but we cannot guarantee that they will be in "Mint" condition. Mass production can lead to tiny imperfections in even brand new books but we're careful to make sure you receive them in the best possible condition. This does not mean that a comic with torn covers or pages or missing pages is not considered a damaged comic though. Significant defects should be caught before your order is ever packaged but if an error is made we will replace that book or credit your account for its cost. Again, contact us when you get the damaged book and obtain authorization to return it.

When you have to return books, please send a note of explanation in the box with the comics so that we can take care of your problem promptly. Do NOT send payments with returned books. A separate department gets these packages and we may not receive your payment on time.

If an item is missing or needs to be replaced it will be included with your next shipment. 

You're not obligated to continue your subscriptions for six months to a year or more as is often the case with other subscription providers. You can cancel your account at any time by simply letting us know. Keep in mind though that you will still be obligated to any items that have already been reserved for you but not shipped up until that point and any changes to your account made after Monday at midnight of the week prior to release will not affect comics that are released the following week (typically on Wednesday). If you do have any pending items remaining on your account after you cancel the service those items will ship according to your normal schedule as your final shipment.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us and we'll get back to you promptly.