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X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David Volume 3 TP

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Written by PETER DAVID & FABIAN NICIEZA Penciled by JIM FERN, LARRY STROMAN, RURIK TYLER, MARK PACELLA, JOE QUESADA, DARICK ROBERTSON & JOE MADUREIRA Cover by MARK PACELLA Today X-Factor's beat is Mutant Town, but years before, it was Washington D.C.! Madrox, Strong Guy, Quicksilver and the rest face crises of diplomacy, deception and death while protecting humans from mutants and vice versa! A battle with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the shadow of Genosha! Musical murder, the Mojoverse and more! Featuring one of Wolverine's worst rivals, Cyber! Collecting X-FACTOR #79-83, and Annual #7


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