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X-Factor (1986) #27

by Marvel
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$0.95 - $2.75
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Marvel Girl flies Artie, Boom Boom, Leech, Rictor, Rusty and Skids onto a roof neighboring the Empire State building, where the rest of X-Factor and a bunch of journalists await. After a demonstration by Iceman, they all descend to the streets joined Trish Tilby. Then Cyclops learns of the X-Men in Dallas as he sees Maddie Pryor on screen and leaves elsewhere, followed by Jean. The others return to the Ship and the kids learn of Beast's condition. When Jean returns from her parents home, she notices the kids have gone and sounds the alarm: as they join them in their charing crusade, the Ship repairs itself.

Creators: Louise Simonson, Walter Simonson, Bob Wiacek

Release Date: