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Wolverine: First Class - Wolverine by Night TP

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Written by FRED VAN LENTE Penciled by FRANCIS PORTENA, HUGO PETRUS, SCOTT KOBLISH & GURIHIRU Cover by DAVID WILLIAMS Flashing claws versus fists of fury! That's right - Wolverine takes on SHANG-CHI, MASTER OF KUNG-FU! Then, though a lycanthrope's bite has turned Wolverine into a true raging beast of the night, he may have at last found peace in his werewolf pack. But when he learns that the focus of the pack's vengeance is Kitty Pryde's father, only Jack Russell, the Werewolf-by-Night, may be able to stop him in time! Plus, CYCLOPS returns to the X-Men! Will Kitty Pryde continue her training with him, or with Wolverine? Scott Summers and Logan duke it out over the right to be her mentor! Collecting WOLVERINE: FIRST CLASS #9-12. 96 PGS./Rated A …$12.99


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