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Weapon X TP Volume 2 (Hunt For Weapon H)

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The most savage X-book on the stands continues! The newly reformed Weapon X program took DNA from the most dangerous genetic anomalies in the world to create a rage-filled behemoth of epic proportions. Now the secrets behind their work will be revealed! Old Man Logan and the gang are on the hunt for this deadly new creature, Weapon H - but they are still one step behind Weapon X. And the only person who can point them in the right direction is�Reverend Stryker! Even if Logan finds Weapon H, he struggled against the Hulk in his prime - how will he fare as an old man against a nightmare with the powers of Hulk and Wolverine combined?! Will Laura Kinney, the All-New Wolverine, lend a claw? Collecting WEAPON X (2017) #7-11. Rated T+


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