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Rising from the dead like many of her fellow vampires, Vampirella: Blood Lust #1 has been out of print for over two decades! This hard-to-find Harris era issue can go for top dollars at conventions and online. But now Dynamite is presenting an all-new printing of this hallmark issue. Now a new generation of Vampirella fans will be able to experience this classic. Originally published in 1997, Blood Lust strikes a perfect balance of picking up the plotline of the time of Vampirella's death at the hands of her archnemesis Nyx, while also recapping and providing new revelations about her iconic origin. The interior artwork is fully painted by the legendary Joe Jusko - an ultra-rare gift for fans. While the incomparable James Robinson (Starman) handles the writing. All making it a truly special collectible comic book. Fans who'd like to read the entirety of the Blood Lust arc can check out Vampirella Masters Series Vol 6.'

Creators: Robinson, James Jusko, Joe Jusko, Joe

Release Date: 5-11-22