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Leaving behind the chaos and dangers of New York City circa 1888, the Frankenstein monster, know identifying as 'Victor Caine', begins his journey of discovery and vengeance, descending into the pastoral lands of Pennsylvania. There, among the Amish settlers he encounters along his way, Victor finds fellowship and a sense of community he has never known before. But when masked riders strike in the dead of night, intent on driving these peaceful folk from their land through threats and violence, Victor has little time to react when a supernatural juggernaut is unleashed upon the raiders, and the body-count rises! As the mayhem unfolds, the strange guardian begins to blur the lines between the guilty and the innocent… and only the unsteady arm of The GunHAND can possibly bring the situation under control! The saga of The GunHAND continues from PREVIEWS Editor Marty Grosser and master illustrator Matthew Plog (Kent Menace, Battletech Game Series)!

Creators: Grosser, Marty, , McClain Jr, Barry

Release Date: 12-27-23