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Superman (1939) #240

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Original price
$7.80 - $42.00
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Neal Adams cover art.

Michael W. Kaluta interior art (7 pages).


"To Save a Superman!" – (15-page story) – Superman suffers a humiliating loss of face as he fails to stop a burning building from completely collapsing. Yet even as he contemplates letting humanity fend for itself, Superman decides to use what's left of his waning powers to stop a would-be bank robbery. Meanwhile, Diana Prince's mentor I-Ching comes on the scene to help Superman, as he suspects that Superman's loss of powers may be of a supernatural cause. ...

"The Man Who Cheated Time" – (7-page World of Krypton story) – Under the Scarlet Jungle of Krypton lies a condemned device, with which scientist Mal-Va planned to send his assistant Zol-Mar into the past and then return him after 10 minutes. However, Zol-Mar had ambitions of his own and sabotaged the machine, intending to stay in the past and be acclaimed for his mastery of the technologically advanced devices he carried with him. ...


NOTE: Last 15¢ issue.


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