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In the science-fantasy universe of the bestselling Starfinder roleplaying game, a bold crew of adventurers must race to an isolated world to stop a catastrophic war for faster-than-light technology! In this chapter, the group makes a desperate move as Quig takes center stage in their plan. Only one problem (one big problem) - they didn't count on the Leviathans being set upon them! Written by Starfinder RPG co-creator JAMES L. SUTTER and artist EDU MENNA, this issue features a stunning trio of covers led by series artist EDU MENNA along with RICHARD PACE and BIAGIO D'ALESSANDRO, and also includes playable character stats and new story-based character options - including a new playable species - all officially sanctioned by the Starfinder Society!

Creators: Sutter, James L., Menna, Edu, Pace, Richard

Release Date: 12-20-23