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Star Trek Boldly Go TP Volume 3

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What if Kirk and the Enterprise crew were robots? What if Klingons founded Starfleet? What if Spock wasn't Vulcan? What if all these realities collided? The Star Trek mega-event 'I.D.I.C.' brings together all of these worlds for one huge, universe-threatening adventure. The Vulcan philosophy of celebrating 'Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations' is one of acceptance, but can the universe accept the simultaneous existence of multiple realities? It's a team-up for the ages as numerous incarnations of Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise crew must work together to stop a foe that threatens all of existence! Featuring the return of Jane Tiberius Kirk and her gender-swapped crew! Collects the entire 'I.D.I.C.' storyline from Star Trek: Boldly Go #13-18. Advance solicited for June release! ''Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations' is what every excellent Star Trek comic book should be.' -Flickering Myth


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