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Snake Woman Volume 2 TP

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by Zeb Wells & Vivek Shinde Jessica Peterson has grown accustomed to her 'snake-ish' ways - that is, turning into a half-woman, half-snake. As the reincarnated Snake Goddess, Jess has wreaked a path of vengeance against the '68,' those who had ruthlessly desecrated the sacred temple of the Snake God in the eighteenth century. Harker, head of the '68,' is pleased with the arrangement he's made with Jess, and is determined to end the cycle of reincarnation he faces by helping her kill those he is meant to lead - even if that means destroying The Faithful, the secret society within the '68' created to protect its members from any harm. As the blood count rises, Jess finds herself amidst a labyrinth of duplicity. Between The Faithful, Harker, and those closest to Jess, who can she trust, and who will pay the price of the Snake Woman's blood bath?


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