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New Exiles Volume 4: Away We Go TP

by Marvel
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Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT Penciled by TIM SEELEY, VICENÇ VILLAGRASA & SCOTT CLARK Cover by ALEX GARNER As the New Exiles fight beside the Sons of Iron and Daughters of the Dragon to save their planet, a deadly force from the Exiles own past returns for a final showdown. Empress Hydra is back, and with her minions at her side only one thing is for certain: someone must die! Then, the heart wants what the heart wants and the sadistic Slaymaster wants Psylocke's heart…literally! The Elizabeth Braddock of Earth-616 has slipped through his nefarious fingers one too many times, but he's finally cornered her on a world targeted by Empress Hydra for extermination! Plus, Before she can come home to the X-Men, Betsy Braddock has one final mission-settle the score once and for all with the man who's been hunting her across the multiverse. If she hopes to survive, Psylocke's going to have to use every weapon at her disposal-and possibly cross a line no X-Man ever has before. Collecting NEW EXILES #16-18 and X-MEN: SWORD OF THE BRADDOCKS #1 112 PGS./Rated A …$12.99


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