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New Avengers (2013) #17

by Marvel
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"A Perfect World II"

As the Black Panther and Namor watch on through the Bridge, the Great Society are seemingly successful in averting an incursion with a Mapmaker world. However, they are too late, as the Sidera Maris is successful in summoning the Mapmakers. They descend on the team, but the heroes of the Great Society prove to be too powerful, as their leader, Sun God, unleashes his vast powers and destroys the Mapmakers. Before they can stop to breathe however, another incursion immediately follows.

As they are watching, Black Panther and Namor talk. Namor shares fine Atlantean wine with the Panther, admitting that despite his callous attitude, he regrets "many things", seemingly the closest thing to an apology for destroying Wakanda during the Avengers vs. X-Men conflict. The Black Panther confesses that he too regrets many things, and as the Black Panther remarks that he thinks they just might make it out alive, the two enjoy a great laugh together.

However, Black Panther notices something on the screen and alerts Namor to look. He realizes that the events they have been watching have been unfolding two hours in the future. The world the Great Society's Earth is colliding with is Earth-616, and they watch on the screen as they themselves and the other Illuminati arrive to confront the Great Society.

NOTE: Hulk / Bruce Banner joined Illuminati in Avengers #28.


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