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Justice League of America (1960) #260

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Death of Steel II (Hank Heywood III).


"The End of the Justice League of America: Flesh! (Pt. 3 of 4)" – (23-page story) – J'onn J'onzz destroys the android who had previously been sent after Gypsy. Steel battles one of Professor Ivo's androids but is badly injured. Gypsy decides to stay with her family. J'onn J'onzz takes Steel back to the Bunker. Steel's grandfather is unable to help him due to the seriousness of his injuries and turns off the young hero's life support rather than let him suffer.
cover: "Scars of Steel!"

NOTE: Chapter 14 of the "Legends" Crossover.

Chapter 15 in Blue Beetle no. 15

Creators: J.M. Dematteis, Luke McDonnell, Steve Montano

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