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Incredible Hulks: Dark Son - Enigma Force TP

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Written by SCOTT REED Penciled by MIGUEL MUNERA Cover by CARLO PAGULAYAN Meet a new monster for a new age: Hiro-Kala, the sinister Son of Hulk - a young apocalyptic visionary destined to one day trigger an unstoppable, cosmic Armageddon! Facing their first mission as protectors of the new Microverse, Commander Arcturus Rann and his Enigma Force will go to any lengths to stop Hiro-Kala and the rampaging, world-shattering plans he has for Jarella's sub-atomic world! With old friends Marionette and Bug alongside some new faces, this Enigma is a force to be reckoned with! Collecting REALM OF KINGS: SON OF HULK #1-4 and INCREDIBLE HULKS: ENIGMA FORCE #1-3. 176 PGS./Rated T+


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