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Hulk: Skaar - Son of Hulk TP

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Written by GREG PAK Penciled by RON GARNEY, BUTCH GUICE, CARLO PAGULAYAN, TIMOTHY TRUMAN, TIMOTHY GREEN II, GABRIEL HARDMAN & JHEREMY RAAPACK Cover by RON GARNEY From the first, he was a fighter. When the spaceship that exiled the Hulk to Sakaar exploded, it killed his queen and ravaged his kingdom. The Hulk returned to Earth to seek revenge, but he left behind a child he thought had died with its mother. Instead, the boy survived - hatching in a lake a fire, and growing strong and savage to match the world around him. Skaar, son of Hulk, possesses his father's size and strength, and more than his share of rage. The refugees of Sakaar have found hope in this. Theirs is a dangerous planet, but they have a new champion to protect them. And their world will never be the same again. Collecting SKAAR: SON OF HULK #1-6, SAVAGE WORLD OF SAKAAR and material from HULK FAMILY. 200 PGS./Parental Advisory …$24.99


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