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Ghost Rider / Wolverine / Punisher: Hearts of Darkness (1991)

by Marvel
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A new breed of hero: Motorcycle-riding spirit of vengeance, adamantium-clawed mutant, and battle-hardened vigilante. More than their tools, and their methods seperate them from the rest of earth's heroes. There is something that burns more fiercely inside each one of them...

A new breed of villain: Evil incarnate. The insane hellspawn of Mephisto. Bent on the assassination of his father. Seeking allies, he attempts to reach the deepest parts of the heroes' hearts and souls...

Christ's Crown
A quiet midwestern town: The residents find themselves caught at the center of a struggle between forces they cannot comprehend... A struggle that will cause the heroes to look within themselves. A struggle that will lead to the very gates of hell itself.


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