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Fantastic Four (1961) #64

by Marvel
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First appearance of Sentry 459.

First appearance of Daniel Damian (unnamed).

"The Sentry Sinister" – As Reed and Ben work in the lab, Sue expresses her displeasure of having been working non-stop for two weeks and demands that the team take a vacation. Talking it through with Reed, they decide that taking a break is exactly what they need after their recent trials and tribulations.
Meanwhile, on a deserted island in the South Pacific a pair of explorers search for existence of an ancient alien civilization on the island. Using a strange artifact, the elderly explorer triggers an energy beam at a jutting rock that uncovers a secret underground bunker of a highly technological race. Inside they find a massive robot that identifies itself as Sentry #459. When the archologist's guide fires his gun at the robot, it immobilizes them with a mass of "Collodial Atoms". While back at the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four choose where to go on vacation by letting the Thing throw a dart at a map of the world. Coincidentally, the dart hits a small deserted island off the South Pacific. As they prepare to leave, Johnny opts to stay behind to spend some alone time with Crystal, whom he had just recently reunited with. Triton also opts to stay behind to look after Crystal and Lockjaw. Soon, Reed, Sue and Ben take off in the Pogo Plane headed for the island.
At that very moment, the Sentry has emerged from his bunker and activated a device that will put a protective screen around the island that will destroy any other intruders. When the Fantastic Four arrive, they hit the barrier, but are protected by Sue's invisible force field, much to the surprise to the Sentry. It then grabs the Pogo Plane, but the members of the FF manage to disembark and attack. The Thing manages to strike a blow that breaks part of the Sentry's out housing but it's instant repair circuits kick in and the robot begins to overpower the Thing. Mister Fantastic then enters the fray, knocking the Sentry into the water allowing him to save the Thing.
Back at the Baxter Bulding, Johnny spends time with Crystal while Triton tests out the FF's Air-Cycles. Just before Johnny and Crystal can get intimate they are interrupted first by Lockjaw, then by a distress call from Sue. On the island, Sue keeps her fellow teammates safe until Johnny is teleported there by Lockjaw and enters the battle. During the Torch's battle with the Sentry, one of his flames burns down to the bunker below causing an explosion that cracks open the facility. Falling into the shattered bunker, the other members of the Fantastic Four find the archaeologist and his guide and free them. While the island begins to explode around them, the Fantastic Four and the others are teleported away by Lockjaw. Left alone, the Sentry stands down, unable to abandon his post even as the island explodes around it.

NOTE: The scientist who finds the hidden Kree Sentry is revealed to be Daniel Damian, who later appears in Eternals #1 where he discovered the Eternals and the hidden temple of the Celestials. This fact was first explained in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #9.

NOTE: The Kree Sentry is later identified as Sentry #459, was first sent to Earth 25,000 years ago. His original mission was to monitor the development of the Inhumans as revealed in What If? #28. It was previously seen thousands of years ago in Thor #147 where he partially explained the Kree involvement in creating the Inhumans to Randac.

NOTE: The apparent destruction of the Sentry here renews interest of the Kree in the planet Earth as seen next issue. Later they send a crew commanded by Yon-Rogg to recover the Sentry in Marvel Super-Heroes #13. Among the crew is a soldier named Mar-Vell who ultimately becomes the hero known as Captain Marvel.

NOTE: This issue is reprinted in Marvel's Greatest Comics, vol. 1, #47 (Jan. 1974).

Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

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