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Excalibur Classic Volume 4: Crosstime Caper Book 2 TP

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Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT, MICHAEL HIGGINS & TERRY AUSTIN Penciled by CHRIS WOZNIAK, ALAN DAVIS, RON LIM, BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH & COLLEEN DORAN Cover by RON LIM What do Crusader X, Lord High Justicer, Centurion Britannus, Chevalier Bretagne and Lady London have in common? They're all Captain Britain! Excalibur's Cross-Time Caper concludes cataclysmically in a climactic coda of cosmic confrontations! Traumatic transformation! Evil illusion! Super-powered rebellions on two worlds and titanic tricksters on two more! With guest appearances you'd never expect! Collecting EXCALIBUR #21-28.


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