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Doctor Who 5.5" Missy Action Figure

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Missy (the Master) is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. The Doctor and the Master were friends in their youth and both chose to ignore their people's policy of non-intervention with other species, but unlike the Doctor, Missy chose to travel the universe causing chaos and reveling in wickedness on an epic scale.

Throughout all their encounters they usually showed a respect towards each other and on the occasions when they were forced to work as a team it was clear they made terrific allies. These two rogue Time Lords - so different but so very similar - facing the world on their terms with gusto and enormous talent, but forever ending up alone.

The Master's respect for humanity bordered on zero and the list of aliens he collaborated with reads like a who's who of galactic villainy - the Daleks, Dæmons, the Rani, the Autons and the evil Axos are just five entries in his rogues' gallery of comrades. When Missy allied herself with the Cybermen she planned to convert the dead of planet Earth, 'upgrading' the fallen into a vast army of steel soldiers. But unusually, she planned to give the Doctor this terrifying force, keen to see what he would do with such power. The Doctor shunned the opportunity, however, and Danny was able to lead the 'new born' Cybermen meaning Missy's scheme was defeated. But Clara wanted revenge on the Time Lord and seemed willing to kill her. The Doctor prevented this, although before we discovered what he himself would do, a solitary Cyberman appeared to destroy Missy.

But the self-confessed 'Queen of Evil' has a history of returning from the dead... Who knows if Missy's latest disappearance is just part of another diabolical master plan...


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