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After a tumultuous year, Logan McBride is finally settling into life with her girlfriend, Lilith Aberdine. The short-fused Lilith harbors many secrets, though. What did her parents do to amass the millions upon millions of dollars that Lilith uses to get by? What is Lilith?s tie to the mysterious gang of biker girls that have been following Logan? And, most concerning, when everything is revealed, will their relationship survive the fallout? 'This book is a cross between The Sopranos and Harry Potter. It's everything we never knew we wanted and now can't do without. Slamming art, masterfully written.' - Pulp 716: Coffee & Comics 'If you are into books like Saga - I'm struggling to find other books to throw out here… I don't know how to compare this to anything. It's so very unique and I mean that in the greatest way possible… This is literature.' - Comic Town 'This is as excited about an indie book I've been in a very long time.' - We Have Issues 'There were several points during the book when I laughed out loud.' - Panel Patter

Creators: Shand, Pat Kampe, Rosi St-Onge, Jenn

Release Date: 5-25-22