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Brave and the Bold (1955) #110

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• "A Very Special Spy!" – (20-page story) – Batman is at a race to advertise the Miracle-2000 formula, a new pollution free fuel source being developed by Tryton Corporation,as a guest of Ted Grant who has made a new living as the companies spokesman. However, the event is interrupted when a man jumps into the path of the racing cars. Batman pulls him back, and it turns out to be Peter Voss, the son of the late Hans Voss. He claims that the Miracle-2000 formula was stolen from his fathers lost works, and that he will do whatever it takes to stop the commercialization of his father's formula as his father wanted it to be free to the world.
Curious about the accusations, and with the help of Ted's connections to the company, Batman questions the owner of the Tryton Corp. B.B. Sanford, who proves the legitimacy of the companies ownership by showing them Bill Bradshaw the scientist who apparently invented it. Taking his findings back to Voss, Voss tells him that his fathers formula was stolen by a man named L.K. Dowling. Checking this lead, Batman learns that Dowling is a corporate spy who will steal information for the highest bidder. Curious to see if he was ever in the employ of the Tryton corporation, Batman breaks into their office and checks their records. He is attacked by the security guards, however Ted (who was working late) comes to his rescue and they escape back to his office, where Batman tells him of his findings. Ted agrees to help Batman as the Wildcat, and while Batman goes to Holland to find out what he can about Hans Voss's activities before his death, Wildcat was to keep an eye on Sanford and his chief of security Manfridi (Who Batman recognizes as an underworld figure.)
Wildcat tracks them down to the company hunting lodge where he finds that they are just about ready to kill Dowling and tries to rescue him. Wildcat is shot for his trouble and dumped in the woods to die. Wildcat is saved and patched up by a hunter who finds him in the woods. While in Holland, Batman goes to the site where Voss apparently died in an explosion. There he takes interest in an amnesiac old man. He realizes that this is really Hans Voss, when he notices that he has a duplicate of a statue that he saw earlier on his sons desk back in America.
Three days later, during the court case over the rights of Miracle-2000, Batman arrives with Voss and proves he's the inventor of Miracle-2000 winning the case for the Voss family. When Manfrini and Sanford get out of the court room with a gun, they try to flee the country. However, Batman and Ted chase after them and easily defeat them before they can escape in a private jet. With the crooks captured, the rights to Miracle-2000 awarded to the Voss family, the case wraps up with the formula being used as it was originally intended, to benefit everyone.


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