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Batman (1940) #246

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• First Neal Adams artwork on title (cover only).

• Second Silver Age appearance of Scarecrow (4th overall app.).

• Third appearance of Killer Moth.


• "The Man Who Radiated Fear!" – (21 1/2-page story) – The Scarecrow is once more at large, and is out testing a new pill that makes a victim deathly afraid of a specific thing. Testing it out by having one of his thugs dress up as the Batman convinces Scarecrow that it is ready to be used against the real Caped Crusader.
When they brazenly attempt to rob Gotham City's jewelery row, Batman and Robin arrive to stop them. However, they are soon subjected to the Scarecrow's fear chemical causing them to become so deathly afraid that they cower in fear, allowing the crooks to escape. As usual, the Scarecrow leaves behind a clue to his next crime, this time in the form of colored straw: two red, four white and five blue...


NOTE: This issue contains a reprinting of the first page of Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics #27 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger (May 1939).

NOTE: Both Batman and Robin's origins are retold in this issue.

NOTE: Penciler Chic Stone is credited as Bob Kane. 


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