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Avengers (1963) #252

by Marvel
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"Deciding Factor"
cover: "Who on Earth Is Strong Enough to Smash Hercules?"
The Vision continues to ponder whether or not he should take control of the world's computer systems. The Encephalatron Command Chair would give him that power. What will the synthezoid avenger decide to do? However, after an arsonist torches the home of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch in New Jersey, the decision becomes clear! Meanwhile in the Arizona desert, one of Thanos' secret Earth bases has been discovered! Cap, Wanda, Hercules, and Starfox travel west to investigate! And once inside the base they discover a pair of brothers! The Blood Brothers! These extra-terrestrial beasts usually like to play with Shell-Head, but today they mix it up with four new Avengers!
Masthead: "Deceptions!"
cover: "Inner Visions!"
Masthead: Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Starfox, Hercules, Vision


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