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Attack on Titan GN Volume 22

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  • The manga hit that's defined the decade!
  • Attack on Titan Season Two - the most anticipated event in the anime world - is coming Spring 2017!
  • Anime first season now available on DVD and Bluray and on Toonami/Adult Swim!
  • The latest chapters are now running on Crunchyroll Manga, where they are the most popular manga on the site!
  • A monster hit in Japan, where it has sold over 40 million copies! And in the U.S., where we have over 2.5 million copies in print!
  • Ongoing series. 16 and up. Shonen.

Despite losing countless lives in the battle against the Titans, what's left of the Survey Corps arrives at the doorstep of Eren's family home. There, in the basement, they find three notebooks that explain at last the origins of their walled world. In the notebooks, Eren's father recounts a strange childhood and an even darker history: 1,800 years ago, one woman obtained the power of the Titans, provoking a racial conflict that ripped humanity apart. The Survey Corps realizes that they have been fumbling around in the dark...but what will they do now that they know the horrific truth?


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