Hero Tomorrow Comics

What people dig about Hero Tomorrow Comics -- and what makes us somewhat unique in the industry -- is that we are an independent creator-owned comic book publisher and studio; we are distributed internationally by Diamond Comics; and all our stories take place within a shared universe.

When Apama #1 begins there are no known superheroes in the world. Readers witness the origin of the first hero, and then all villains are introduced organically one at a time. For the reader there’s no playing catch up with seventy years of history, retcons, reboots. etc. Not that we don’t love a classic Marvel tale. We wear a huge influence of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and John Romita (the greatest rock band of all time) on our sleeves. Think of Hero Tomorrow Comics as that classic 70s bronze age re-imagined for the New Roaring '20s.

We're a small team, and though we don't come out as regularly as other publishers, we guarantee the quality of every book is at the highest level. There's no filler stories here.

This is also the official home of the feature film Hero Tomorrow, from which our company is named, and the horror show musical Nothing Like Vaudeville.