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WIPER TP - Review

WIPER TP - Review

A bit from Blade Runner, a little of Babylon 5, and dash of Total Recall is an easy way to describe Wiper from John Harris Dunning and Ricardo Cabral but that summation is selling it short.

Wiper is a tale of self discovery in a very literal sense set against a backdrop of corruption and oppression in a lushly illustrated futuristic environment.

There's a lot to absorb as private detective Lula Nomi investigates what starts as a missing persons case but turns out to be so much more. She uncovers not only truths that the rich and powerful want to keep hidden but truths about herself as well. One secret leads to another, pulling her in deeper and deeper until there's no way out but to expose everything she's discovered.

You'll find yourself wanting to devour this story quickly as it accelerates toward it's conclusion but will also want to pause to absorb every detail of the art of this fully realized world.

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