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What Comic Creators Bring to the Entertainment World

Just about everyone these days loves the Hollywood blockbuster movies and I am certainly no exception. The entertainment value is huge and it's especially rewarding for a comics fan to see so many great comic book stories adapted in one form or another on screens both big & small.

For those who haven't read comics or perhaps have only done so occasionally without giving them much thought though, it's easy to dismiss the work that goes into them.

TV shows and movies have actors who seem larger than life. Even if glossing over all the hundreds of people working tirelessly behind the scenes on a film, the contributions of the actors are clear and fame follows closely behind.

In the comics world though, everything is behind the scenes. A very small number of writers and artists have the task of creating entire worlds and all the inhabitants within them. A seemingly simple drawing requires first working out the story to be told, the emotions, the interactions between characters, and the atmosphere created by the environment. Just choosing the right angle for a panel and the size, shape, and arrangement of the panels on the page can make a huge difference in the story.

Writers write and revise endlessly to get the story just right. They have to get into the heads of each character to think and feel as that character in order to make their dialogue and actions believable while still telling the story they want to tell.

Artists rough out a page with small sketches, revise them, and then finalize them when they're just right to re-draw yet again at their finished size. They tell the story as much as the writers do with writers focusing more on the "what" and artists focusing on the "how".

Between just a few individuals, they take on the tasks of writers, directors, actors, cameramen, editors, special effects departments, and more, bringing you stories that can be every bit as immersive and entertaining as any film.

Best of all though, there's almost always more where that came from as most comics are serialized. There will be a next issue coming out soon and there are back issues to enjoy either as single issues or graphic novel collections.

Sure, there are the big, critically acclaimed works like "Watchmen", "Maus", "A Contract With God", etc. but, as important as those stories are, the bulk of the comics coming out each month are less about revolutionizing the medium and more about taking you out of your daily routine to experience something wonderful.

Stories like "Crisis on Infinite Earths" by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, "Avengers Four" by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson, "Kingdom Come" by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, "Wonder Woman by George Perez Volume 1" by George Perez, "Avengers Under Siege" by Roger Stern and John Buscema, "X-Men The Dark Phoenix Saga" by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, "Batman The War of Jokes and Riddles" by Tom King, Mikel Janin and Clay Mann, and the "Project Pegasus Saga" by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, John Byrne, George Perez and Joe Sinnott are what make readers comics fans for life.

Of course, there are many more truly great stories that are well worth your time and there's plenty to fit every taste imaginable. So, while you're waiting for the next movie to watch or TV series to binge, pick up a comic or graphic novel and immerse yourself. Allow the hard work of these amazingly talented creators to wash over you and just enjoy. It'll be well worth your time.

Next, should you ever find yourself at a comic convention, take some time out from the long lines for the big media guests and visit the area devoted to comics creators as a convention without writers and artists really isn't a convention at all.. Let those whose stories you've enjoyed know what brought you pleasure and discuss their thoughts on the work.

While you're there you'll find prints of artists work that you can purchase to treasure and support them in their efforts. Many artists can even be commissioned to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art for you for around the cost of a simple signed photo from those in the media area.

You may not ever become a devoted comics reader and that's fine. There are many ways to enjoy comics right along with novels, film, video games, sports, and more but find a place for them in your daily routine and take a moment while enjoying your latest read to appreciate what went into creating that special experience for you.


Dan Wallace

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