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Justice League of America (1960) #182

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• "Reprise" – Black Canary is hospitalized after she and Green Arrow are defeated in a battle against the Star-Tsar. At the hospital, Snapper Carr appears and reveals that the current Star-Tsar is astronomer Richard Rigel. He explains that Rigel was one of his co-workers who has usurped the super-villain identity.
A disgruntled Green Arrow pursues a plan of his own to capture the villain, while the other Justice League members scour the city. When their unexpected intervention nearly wrecks the archer's scheme to use a smog arrow to cut off the stellar criminal's power source, GA's long-festering dissatisfaction with the League comes to a head and he resigns in order to pursue a solo career.

• "The Sun Queen Snatch!" – Elongated Man back-up story (8 pages).

Creators: Gerry Conway, Dick Dillin, Frank McLaughlin

Release Date: